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A different application of YouTube, the features and tools we have compiled. The display settings of subtitles, 360 advertising models from videos, and even YouTube much details about this post can be found in 19 different copyrights.
1. Using URL YouTube video to GIF turn
Among the types of content social media users favorite gifs for a long time. But in loving much, though he doesn't know how to produce GIF via YouTube the video everyone.
If you want to produce GIF via YouTube if a video on YouTube then click on the URL of the video you're watching the beginning of the URL to add the word GIF. The URL at this point appear in the form of a note.
After this step,'you will be redirected to a video ready to be loaded on the platform and you'll see. Moreover, the timing of the GIF via the buttons on the left side of the frame you can adjust the part and add subtitle.
In the upper right corner "create GIF" button and your GIF to GIF you can add tags in your title also. In the next "GIF when you press, you're presented with a page where you can share your prepared to work. Meanwhile, an offline file to save it as GIF let's just say that you should register a.
2. Send the link to a YouTube video to a specific minute
If an acquaintance of your videos on YouTube and send a link of the YouTube video you want to send a certain moment in general, and see the seconds instead of saying them when you can send the link directly to YouTube. So you want to show the part that opens automatically.
That allows you to share a YouTube link of the video to create a certain moment, first press the share button. In the Dialog which appears "Start", check the box next to the phrase, and then show the video to the side of minutes that you want to enter. If you paused the video at this time if the start time will be automatically filled in.
After a tag is added to the end of this YouTube link you will see that. You can paste it by copying the link into the place you wish for. Finally, we'll add this link to a website that you can't embed.
3. View the text of speech YouTube videos
For each video uploaded to their YouTube platform actually is an automatic. Even if the user manually hide this feature from the viewer, you can view this text if anyone.
Whether you want to quote from the video in order to quickly find a topic that is mentioned in the video can be used for the speeches. To access the YouTube video at the bottom of these texts in The Shape of the three dots "more" button. Then, in the little text boxes you can view this by selecting texts.
The text of your speech if you do not see these options, the user may have decided that they prefer to hide.
4. Adding text to speech, or by editing your YouTube video to increase the visibility of the text.
As well as the platform and YouTube's parent company Google's search results when ranking your videos in your video is all about what is paying attention to details such as text or video. For example, if you want to get out the top spots in the rankings, speech, text, video, it is recommended to paste into your description.
To add text to speech to a video, in your video on YouTube first opening on the bottom right of the Edit button. Then add the subtitle to select a language. Subsequently, the pre-written text you can place on the display screen.
Meanwhile, when you watch the video, you can adjust the schedule more easily. Even when writing the subtitles as text, and again thanks to YouTube you can stop the video feature.
5. Videos and audio files easily obtain your free texts
As we mentioned above can automatically generate the text of the speech on YouTube. If the contents of a video you want to convert to text but if you don't want to get an extra service for it, you can try your luck on YouTube. Moreover, you can always delete it from the text of the speech you have created here.
If you want to get the automatically generated text of a video, uploading your video to YouTube video at the bottom of the "more" key. Here the dropdown menu from "text to speech"option. Thus, a new module will be opened in the same window as the text.
The text is automatically generated using a service like tunestotube of an audio file to get the file, upload it to YouTube. At this point say that it may take a time between 2 and 30 minutes to accomplish this. Then you can follow the steps to the video above.
6. Create playlists share.
You can create playlists just like iTunes and also on YouTube Sportify. Thus, both can store both videos you can organize. Playlists can be adjusted in such way as may be open to all. If you want to direct so that you can share these lists is in question.
Playlists, the content segment is a fairly common feature. To create a playlist on the desktop if you want your page to create a new playlist by going to playlists in the top right hand corner press. Video playlists by pressing on the title in your page content, you can reach through the studio manager. The playback of this list when creating a list you can choose whether SECRET or public will.
Mobile to create a playlist, you can benefit from this article in the YouTube Help Center.
You're watching a video at the bottom of the video to add a previously created playlist to the playlist you want to add to the list by pressing the Save button next to the check box.
If you want to add a video on the playlist's page to the list edit option by pressing the insert part through able to add new videos videos.
In the meantime, we should note that this playlist may be contributing to your friends also. To do this, Choose settings, and joint working will increasingly need to adjust this setting. After this process you can authorize them with your friends by sharing your custom link that you created.
Your friend after I was invited to a playlist, this list will be able to add new videos to the videos added from the list in the past and can handle. To contribute to the playlist gave the approval for this follow the instructions that appear on the screen after the playlist is enough to register for its own account.
Contributing a video to a playlist when you add a video in the playlist will be located next to your name. In addition, a new video is added to the playlist, add to this that when I get to know everyone who is invited to contribute.
7. Save videos to watch later
Always appropriate in an environment to watch video content. In such cases, the Save feature on Facebook and Instagram just YouTube videos that you can save to watch later. "Watch Later" playlist of videos you want to save to watch later you can.
Working with the principle of an ordinary playlist Playlist to use this feature you must follow the same build steps also. Still, these lists to contribute it should be said that we couldn't share it with others.
Video has a "Watch Later" list to add to the video on YouTube, after opening, press the Add button located below the video you do have to. Select the playlist you want to add from the popup-menu you mentioned above, that will be enough. By following the steps similar for mobile devices, you can store videos to watch later.
To access your saved YouTube videos and visit the homepage top left section contained in the"Watch Later" option you can click. In this field you can easily watch the videos you have recorded and you can remove it from the list of the videos you're watching.
8. Create your own custom YouTube URL.
The remaining URLs in the mind of the audience through if you want to grow your YouTube channel, you can create your own custom URLs.In these provinces or website URLs that you have recognized your name, you can use your YouTube user name.
The most important point here we need to address the URL you want to use before that didn't get it authenticated you need to be sure that the URL is correct. Because the URL cannot be changed once it has been approved once cannot be given back or to someone else. In the meantime, the URL and your Google+ ID that will be associated with both the YouTube channel with let's say.
Finally, it's worth adding that everyone is not authorized to create a custom URL. If you create a custom URL if you want to have more than 100 subscriber on your channel, your account at least 30 days ago, having opened the channel icon and the channel must be added to the picture as picture have installed.
To create a custom URL, go to YouTube account settings, your account name located under the "Advanced settings" option. If you meet the conditions mentioned above, if you provide a link to youtubesiz, and will allow you to create our own.
After you accept the terms of service, you can change your URL and specify the URL.
9.Emphasize content on the screen or the end of the video add on cards
Added clickable links to YouTube videos in 2008, which allows you to add "annotations" (annotations) announced that it has named property. Thanks to this feature, the video call to action buttons can be added, and users like the Channel, make a donation, or could be invited to watch different videos.
Disabling this feature a while ago who decided to make a YouTube End Screen annotation the publication of more natural took. Thus, the users with a visually rich cards appeared in front of a more aesthetic presentation. YouTuberlar began to devote the last 30 seconds of the content to the screen finish.
Add the finish screen
YouTube content producers often preferred the finish screen, just the URLs, as well as can be specially prepared. That makes it easy for the audience to present new proposals to end the screen to customize the video manager and go to "edit", then press the end screen and click on the annotations from the resulting menu.
Add A Call To Action
The finish screen and after pressing the additional comments section where you can place different templates and background screen studio you arrive at the finish. Add item to the menu from here by pressing the finish screen, where you can direct the audience. If you want to learn more about this feature in this article if you can check.
Add To Card
You can direct viewers to your website or by advertising using your video cards. As you can see in the following example, your audience on the right top the "I" icon, if you press the card will open.
Your YouTube to add a video card, the video manager and go to the "Edit" option from the popup menu and press on "credit card"you need to choose. After this process, the cards will appear in the video where you are by selecting from the dropdown menu "add to card"click on it. Thus, it is possible to easily determine the type of card you want to remove one also.
10. Browse to YouTube's free music library and sound effects.
If you want to add your YouTube or music video that cool sound effects, sound effects you can benefit from YouTube's free music library. 320kbps high quality audio files and sound effects library with content you can easily find your videos and to add, you can download it for free.
Studio voice over music or sound effects to add to your video library to YouTube's content increasingly "insert or replace audio" option, Press. Thus, you will have reached the sound effects and music to the library where it is located. In this field you need by typing keywords into the search bar you can search for sounds, species or depending on the mood, sound and music can list.
When you click on the header in the same way in the studio to create content able to access the music library. Moreover, located in the music library, free music, and sound effects and download them to your computer, let's say that you can add to your videos. However, the music library located in the contents of the music while using your YouTube videos to make sure that you have provided you comply with the platform policy.
11. The faces blur and the fields
Sometimes you may want to close some blurring to persons or places included in your video. At such times, you can benefit from YouTube's image enhancement settings. Thanks to this setting, which content you can access by clicking videos from the studio, the faces and certain areas can easily blur.
This setting is actually on YouTube within the scope of specific objects or frames that could indicate bulaniklastirilamayab. Still need you after you make the edits, you can preview your changes, and then you can your decision. The resulting effects if you don't like you to keep secret your video, so you can change or blur the zones is also possible.
12. YouTube videos run in the background on your mobile device
Sometimes easily find the music on YouTube on other platforms. At such times, YouTube is opening a lot of people in the mobile phone. However, users can notice when you exit out of the application previously on YouTube, YouTube does not work. Therefore, when using different applications or listening to music on YouTube while the screen is off is not really possible. You can follow the following steps to run YouTube in the background of different mobile devices.
The iOS devices YouTube run in the background
Open Safari and navigate to the video you want to watch on your mobile device. After running the video, press the Home key to close Safari. Then the second screen by swiping the screen left open at the center of the movement. In this area you will be able to see the details of the selected video on YouTube and you will be able to make it work in the background by pressing the play button.
YouTube Run In The Background Of Your Android Device
Firefox or Chrome on your mobile device by opening the browser go to the YouTube video that you want to monitor. In the settings menu in the upper right corner then "Desktop" to select it. Finally the video on YouTube homepage button to return to your homepage by running over. Thus, the video will continue to work in the background.
13. Do a live broadcast on YouTube
The eyes of all the features in the live broadcast, which is one of the social networks, Twitter, Facebook and also on YouTube after Instagram began to show itself more often.
For a live broadcast on YouTube, may sound more complex compared to other social networks. The live broadcast on YouTube because you do not directly on the start button. Instead, you have to download the software to your computer. In addition, let me say that you should go through an approval process. Despite these complexities only add to this that you do not need a webcam to broadcast an event live.
Broadcast Live From A Desktop Computer
Log in to YouTube in the upper right corner of the screen and the "Install" button. This button is usually over before you can actually upload your videos which you have prepared. However, located on the right side of the new screen that opens to the live broadcast, "live broadcast" on the module you have to click. In the module "Start" by pressing the live broadcast, you can take your first steps on the process.
As we mentioned above, before the live broadcast has been verified your YouTube channel will confirm that. Of YouTube the next step is to be sure any live broadcast within the last 90 days subject to restrictions would have said that it should be. All these processes immediately after you publish two different options and you can scroll through the events by the name of
Publish Immediately
Simpler and faster to do a live broadcast on YouTube the option to publish immediately option is present. With this option, the content of the live broadcast under the title of the studio, you'll find it.
If this is the main reason for the lack of a start button on the panel to be able to broadcast the publication of the name/key and you need to download and install the encoder by using the URL of the server. For more information about the live broadcast, you can get support from YouTube's Help Center.
Live Events
Live Events, Live allows you to have more control over the month. This feature also allows you to preview prior to the live broadcast which is broadcast to the time you make a backup of the publications you want and lets you start and stop.
Live broadcast live events from your panel you can enable this feature by selecting. YouTube Live Broadcast feature is an archive of automatically uploading your publication to your channel when you stop. Live visibility of your videos that have been terminated in the meantime it should be said publicly that they are aligned. Your publication after the videos if you don't want to publish publicly. "Broadcast Settings"from "when the broadcast is over, the archive hide" option you can choose.
Live From Your Mobile Device
In fact, from the mobile device to do a live broadcast YouTube, broadcast is much easier than doing it from the desktop. The YouTube app on your device after you log on the camera icon at the top of the screen to start and you need to choose the option to start your broadcast.
Prior to the publication in this field, specify the details you want to know about your subscribers, let me tell you. If you want to do a live broadcast on YouTube from different devices, you can benefit from the Help Center articles.
Recently is open to everyone, this feature is used to establish a connection with the subscribers or increase the interaction realistic.
14. VR 360 degree video installation and monitoring
YouTube 360-degree video support announced in 2015, as brands, athletes and content producers which is the pupil of this feature at the same time, presented the audience an extraordinary experience. Able to navigate the 360-degree watching videos by clicking on the desktop, in mobile you can easily change the angle by moving the camera.
Create 360 degree Video on YouTube
We should note that you need professional equipment to create 360 videos. This 360-degree video creating and publishing a list of equipment and details can be found in the YouTube Help Center. 3584 7168 x 4096 or 8192 x 360 resolution video up to 2:1 aspect ratio is recommended to be installed in a cylindrical manner Monospace.
In addition, YouTube, Kolor Autopano Video 360-degree camera equipment and says that you can create by using third-party defragmentation software such as.
Watch 360-degree videos to computer on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers, we should note that you must use an MS Edge. Stream YouTube to 360 360-degree camera that you can benefit from saying.
VR YouTube In Video Monitoring
Through the application's website and YouTube, you can watch 360 degree videos easily without the need for any devices. These options feature YouTube recently announcing the cardboard VR titles added. You are watching every video you upload, and can be used for cardboard. The program, including Google's Cardboard VR Google VR in the title of the title of several different works.
Use cardboard, while watching a YouTube video on mobile
Any video from YouTube mobile application by selecting the three dots in the upper right corner press. In the dropdown menu "select Show cardboard. You can see this option in the lower right corner of the 360-degree video directly let's say.
The choice you make in conjunction with a VR device to connect to a compatible mobile device will be asked. VR is a unique experience you will find yourself in the moment you connect the device. B experience that will encourage you to add more content to your channel, 360-degree is certain.
15. The algorithm like Google and Facebook, YouTube ads, learn about
First let's talk a little how the YouTube algorithm than you intended. YouTube Google and Facebook ads reminiscent of the algorithm of the working principle of a particular target group are included in the group. While you're at it you your demographic groups, YouTube and Google based on your searches, interests, and assesses according to the content you are viewing. In the evaluation process, the advertiser's all these music videos, ads or interact with the YouTube channel and have a special care that you didn.
YouTube's algorithm, the user while watching the video, she was struggling to make was met with too much advertising, too it should be said. Therefore, the algorithm to generate revenue on videos that fit the demographic of the ads may show even if the user is caught in.
5 you can see that ad format on YouTube
Display Ads
This type of advertising that appears next to the video, not only appears on desktop and laptop computers. From the advertiser according to the profile, when you see this ad, or click payment is received.
Overlay Ads
Overlay ad appears to cover 20 percent of the video window in the lower part. Currently only the ads that appear on both your desktop and laptop you can turn it off when you want.
In-Stream TrueView
In-stream TrueView ads are video ads that can be traversed at the same time is known as. You can see after watching 5 minutes of ads that you can switch the platform widely. Advertisers of these ads before the video in the middle of the video (the most unpopular ads) or the end of the video it publishes. Receipt of payment from advertisers for at least 30 seconds of the video to be followed, or that must be tracked until after the video.
Video Ads That Cannot Be Crossed
And where do you see video ads before playing that lasts more than 15 seconds or if you press the press never do it.
Midroll Ads
Videos that are longer than 15 minutes used in Midroll ads, television ads we can compare. Because you need to watch a ad to watch the video Midroll. The advertiser's will pay for it and how that will vary according to the type of advertising.
Bumper Ads
Bumper ads up to a length of 6 seconds, short and is a type of advertising that cannot be crossed. The bumper ads that play before your video is optimized for mobile devices. They want viewers to watch the ad for the video is forced.
16. Ad-free offline video experience
Free YouTube to actually share the video ads mentioned above it's allowed. Each of the products present in this free. However, YouTube Red YouTube's subscription service for $ 9.99 per month in return for removing the ads on the platform. Yet in our country, non-active this feature may be of interest to our readers who live abroad or using VPN.
Ad-free videos in addition to YouTube videos to your mobile device you can record in red, and you can run in the background or offline. Moreover, this membership in conjunction with YouTube, the music app in the background can run in offline mode or voice.
New YouTube yet did not disclose subscriber numbers, although the service previously shared, according to figures is 1.5 million subscribers.
17. Popular on YouTube with Google Trends compare search terms.
Some may be using Google Trends to determine the popularity of search terms. Keyword choices on the popularity of YouTube wonders in the field of marketing let me say that this tool shows search queries.
To use this feature, by Google trends "Explore Topics" in the search bar type a search term. After the page opens, "search the web"from the dropdown menu by clicking on "Search YouTube"option. Thus, you can measure the popularity of the terms on YouTube and Google searches, you can examine the difference between.
18. Delete your YouTube history.
If you want to delete your YouTube search history and tracking, delete your history on YouTube for some time, going through your history to delete your history we should note that some videos pause and supports.
To delete your history on desktop or mobile devices "Tracking History" enough to go to the menu. This area allows you to delete your record so far from watching all "which delete all trace history" that allows videos to be recorded in the future and watching it for "tracking the history pause" options you can access.
This page still, you can remove some of the videos you are watching by pressing the cross on the edge let's say. To get more detailed information about these processes, you can benefit from articles published in the YouTube Help Center.
19. Copyright learn with their puppet show on YouTube
YouTube different application of, property and copyrights at the end of this long journey that we have embarked on vehicles let us mention confusing. In fact, other articles on copyright procedures is included in the platform watched. In addition, it should be said that you can learn from the link in the YouTube Help Center. Still, watch a puppet show prepared by the YouTube team Help Center more fun and being absurd. In the meantime, if you wish, you can watch this video with Turkish subtitle option let's say.

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