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Music Streaming Via YouTube In The Cafeteria  

harun göl
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Friends, the question I'm going to ask is actually a legal question. As a result of my research on the internet, I couldn't get any information. I will consult a lawyer at the most convenient time, of course, but I wanted to ask here in case anyone has any information.

A friend of mine has a cafeteria. A cafeteria with live music a few days a week. I guess my question is;
Can you stream music from Smart TV here via youtube?
Can Yeşilçam films be shared with the official channels in the same way?
Erler Film, Angel Film, Fanatik classic Film such as old movies aired on official channels...

Note: all businesses (hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc.) for music broadcast.) Needs permission from muyap. We know that part, but can I be viewed on youtube? Film and music broadcast through official channels...

Is there any of us who has any research on this subject and can come up with a result?
Thank you, I wish everyone good work...

Posted : 07/01/2020 1:38 pm

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