Windows 10, Version 1709 feature update to convert photos to video


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Windows 10, Version 1709 feature update to convert photos to video
Convert your photos and videos into a new video with music, text, and gestures. To get started, Open photos and select Create → Video Project.
Windows 10, 18.10.On 2017, it was successfully installed after the version 1709 feature update.

I'm sure these steps will come to you unfamiliar, and the first thing that comes to your mind will be in the form of Windows Movie Maker came back.

After a short description below, go to the relevant section to understand what is new when doing your work will not only love this innovation of Windows.

Automatically create a video and change its style:
To automatically create a video, open an album in the Photos app and select the play button. Then select mix for me, and instantly change the overall look by recombining images, music, and styles.

Add Music To Your Video:
When editing a video project in Photos, select music, and then select one of the recommended songs. The song is automatically adjusted according to the length of your video.

Make a moving drawing in your video:
Open a video file in the Photos application and select Edit and create → draw. Draw, select Add ink to object, and center on a moving object.

Crop Video to show the best part:
Select a video from photos. Tap or click the video, then select Edit and Shuffle → crop. Drag the white circles to the points where you want the video to start and end, and then select Save copy.

Add 3D effects to video:
In the Photos application, select Create → Video Project, and then select a video. Drag the video to the timeline, select 3D effects, and then select an effect such as lightning or butterfly.

Share a video you made:
Open Photos, select compose and a video, and then choose Export or share. Select a file size, and when the file is ready, select share in social media, email, or another application.