When Does My Google Adsense Money Go To Bed ?


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When Does My Google Adsense Money Go To Bed ?

Google will deposit your money in the bank if you save money and try 200 at your request. (Can be credited to your account within 90 days)

If you don't want it, the money piles up and is deposited when you trigger it.

The limit of TL 200 varies from country to country.
Subject EDIT (22.08.2019): I passed the threshold of 200 TL in GOOGLE. The Money's Been Invested!
What happens when you pass the threshold of 200 TL?

If you have not changed the Settings, google will automatically process the amount of money in excess of $ 200 as standard.

I knew my adsense account would be credited for exceeding the 200 TL threshold this month.

When the account passed 200 and reached 218 TL, the month changed while the account was transferred to the next month and 218 TL was processed for deposit.

So they invested the money in 1 month.

Meanwhile, the account was processed to deposit money at 21.08.2019 was 0 TL.

Do not be fooled by the fact that the money has not been deposited to see 0 TL and can be reflected to your account with a delay of 1 day.

Maybe if it came to the end of the week or something, even after 2-3 days, the reflection of the account could last.

I will continue to let you know when developments.

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