Scrap Vehicle Discount Widened


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Scrap Vehicle Discount Widened
Scrap vehicle support, published in 2018, has been dubbed The Scrap Vehicle Act by many. But what really happened was a general communiqué on the implementation of reductions in tax items such as excise duty (excise duty), which could benefit from a SCT reduction of up to £ 10,000 in 2018. With the new regulation, which came into force by Presidential Decree, tax relief on scrap vehicles in the event of new vehicle purchases was £ 15,000. In short, the scrap vehicle will take away the new vehicle up to 15 thousand TL scrap vehicle SCT discount can be applied.

What Vehicles Does The Concept Of Scrap Vehicles Cover?

With the arrangement implemented in 2018 and expanded in 2019, vehicles older than 16 can benefit from a scrap vehicle discount. The types of cases included in the scrap vehicle discount are passenger cars, vans, buses, trucks, vans and pick-ups.

What Are The Terms Of The 2019 Scrap Vehicle Discount?

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The terms in effect last year remain largely in place. The terms for the 2019 Scrap Vehicle Rebate, which people who bring their old vehicles can benefit from, are as follows::


  • 2019
Vehicles that can benefit from the scrap vehicle discount must be at least 16 years old.
In order to benefit from the Scrap Vehicle Incentive, the engine volume of the new car must not exceed 1600 cc.
If the same type of vehicle is purchased with the scrapped vehicle, the discount is valid.
In order to benefit from the discount, the traffic registration of the scrap vehicle must be deleted and the vehicle must be scrapped for non-use.
When Will The 2019 Scrap Vehicle Discount Begin?

The arrangement, which will allow you to have a new vehicle with a SCT discount of up to £ 15,000, came into force on 15 June 2019. So the 2019 scrap vehicle discount has begun.

What Does A Scrap Car Discount Do?

As you know, every year the technology of the vehicles is improving, and especially in fuel technology, major revolutions are taking place. In this way, the damage to the environment decreases with each passing year's falling fuel consumption. Of course, there are other important factors. A new generation of safety technologies is preventing serious accidents. Thus, the security of both life and property is increased to the highest level. Because of all these factors, the state is preparing incentives for old cars to be pulled out of traffic and replaced by new ones.

How Much Will The Scrap Discount Be?

The discount amounts, which began in 2018 and were amended by the arrangement with the Official Gazette on 1 May 2019, are as follows::

SCT amount does not exceed 70.000 TL for vehicles 10 thousand TL discount,
SCT amount exceeding 70.000 TL and 120,000 TL for vehicles not exceeding 8 thousand TL discount,
SCT amount 120,000 TL for vehicles exceeding 3 thousand TL discount is made.
Scrap vehicle discount amounts for 2019 by the arrangement made on 15 June are as follows::

SCT amount does not exceed 70.000 TL 15 thousand TL discount for vehicles,
SCT amount exceeds 70,000 TL and 120,000 TL for vehicles not exceeding 12 thousand TL discount is made.
The amount of SCT 120,000 TL in excess of the vehicles are not given any discount by the new regulation.