Instagram begins testing its new feature


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Instagram begins testing its new feature
Facebook, whose name we've been used to hearing recently through scandals, continues to take new steps to get back to its old days. Especially in the US market, the decline in use of Instagram compared to other social media applications is causing such innovations to emerge in a short time.

Instagram's new app Threads announced
Realising that the rate of use for young people was falling, Facebook introduced its Instagram Side App. Users will be able to communicate more easily thanks to the Instagram Threads app...

Instagram group stories era to begin
Social media companies are trying to find ways to keep users in more apps. The team has been working on new features for some time and this time came across with Group Stories. Trying to regain its popularity on the first day, the company recently announced its application called Threads. Trying to regain its superiority over its competitors with new moves, the company continues user-oriented development.

The company, whose name we often hear through scandals, has been bleeding for some time. One of the biggest reasons for this is the revelation of the manipulation of Cambridge Analytica through Facebook. After this incident, many users protested by permanently deleting their Facebook and Instagram accounts. The team has started to test the new feature, working to revitalize applications and gain users.

Instagram begins testing its new feature, Group Stories
It's not clear yet when that feature will come out, the app analyst named Jane Manchun Wong discovered. Basically, Group stories that work in a similar way to the close friends feature will allow you to throw stories at the people around you at the same time. Zuckerberg prefers to make innovative approaches via Instagram. One possible reason is that the Facebook app is now unlikely to gain its former popularity. Instagram is a more advantageous app for binary interactions than Facebook. This makes Instagram a more useful app.

With the Group Stories feature expected to come soon, you will be able to share your story directly without entering the group conversations you have created through the application.