Guide to litigation for taxes and penalties incurred due to Adsense earnings  

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In this article, I will explain how we can be sued for taxes and fines levied on payments made by Google because of adsense ads.

1-if this type of income has been generated in the last five years and these funds have been deposited in your name in Turkish banks and the amount is at a level that will be considered good according to Turkish standards, you are likely to undergo a tax review. If the amount is low, the tax may be released by the decision of the commission without investigation. In this respect, be sure to keep your notification address up to date so that you can use your other rights as well as your review. Otherwise, notice will be made, you will not know and you will not be able to use your rights. If you are unable to exercise your rights, foreclosure proceedings will begin over deductible taxes and penalties. Your tax debts will be deducted from your money in the bank.

2-your current address about the review of the müfetişlikten let's say that the article has been initiated. You have to be very professional here. This is the most strategic stage of taxation. What needs to be done is try to increase their expenses. The less the expenses, the more taxes. On the other hand, the legal struggle to avoid VAT is very important.

3-you do not have to give a statement or sign a document that you do not want during the examination. If you know your rights, you'll be less harmful to scrutiny.

4-Let's say the review was completed and the report was written. However, you will be notified of the taxes you must pay. 30 days after the notification is the decision-making period.

5-if you have decided to sue, you can sue by separating the tax penalty notices from the years and tax types. The case will be filed within 30 days with the head of the Tax Court located in the same place as the Tax Office. You must ask for the cancellation of taxes and penalties in the lawsuit. If you open each case yourself, the cost is £ 250.

6-as a former Tax Court judge, the key objection of these cases is that the law is unclear. Tax laws would not be vague. So being taxed in obscurity can help you get results in your favour. You need to frame this objection well and put forward other illegalities in your report as well as the petition.

7-if you wish, you can compromise instead of filing a lawsuit. But the compromise is not very profitable. For example, in case of 10x tax and penalty, you pay 5x tax + 1x penalty + 3x interest. So the compromise for a discount of about 10% is meaningless to me.

8-Finally, if you take advantage of the configuration law that will be issued during this time in case you sue, it is very advantageous to compromise.

9-you can also evaluate the peace of being before the process evolves into the review phase. Of course, you must have the right conditions for that.

10-if you have another question you want to ask, I can take it.

Posted : 07/01/2020 1:15 pm

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